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Quarterly Newsletter

January 2022

This month we held Marvel Trivia Night and the turnout was mind shattering.... not a seat left in the house! We had such a blast with this event. We had seven teams, all with very clever names and the best teammates. However, only one team could win: (insert drum roll here)......... THE WEBHEADS! This team came to play. They did not miss a single question throughout the whole night. All teams were filled with energy and laughter and made out hostess laugh the whole night.

We had such a wonderful time serving up specialty drinks and snacks we designed just for our Marvel fans. Spending time with our customers is always a favorite part of the day. We're so thankful to our customers that came out to make this night a success and can't wait to go into February for two more fun filled and love filled events.

Much Love,
Reel Java Fam