Timber Pointe Resort

2671 S. Highway 92, Jamestown, KY 42629

Office: 270.343.2267

Locally Owned & Operated

Reel Java & Creamery

Drinking coffee is so comforting!! Don't you agree?!

We knew right away that we wanted to put in a coffee shop to serve our guests and our community. God was paving the way & opening doors for us and we wanted to take this opportunity to give back. We decided that 10% of our sales would be donated back to the community or a deserving organization! Each month we will select a new recipient for that months sales to go to! Every cup of coffee or dish of ice cream YOU purchase is making a difference not just for yourself, but also for others in our community!

Along with coffee and ice cream, we have a boutique with tons of gift options for you, your family and friends. Take a moment and shop while your barista is making your favorite drink!

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We look forward to serving you!

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